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Hallmann & Klee

Do you know the Hallmann & Klee? For me it is the discovery in Berlin and my new favourite restaurant, even if I have to go as far as Rixdorf. The two operators cook on point, modern comfort food meets…

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The Juicery

Smoothies and superfoods are what The Juicery is all about. What makes it different from other juice spots is that every aspect is in line with a healthy diet. Their smoothies not only hold rich vitamins and minerals, but also…

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Sale e Tabacchi

Sale Tabacchi is a classic in Berlin, that has maintained its high-quality for a number of years. It’s worth a visit for the rooms alone. Bathed in light, it possesses a clear design and an interior that never feels passé.…

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The Store

Unlike Soho House, The Store is open to everyone for browsing and shopping, so that even non-members can indulge in the typical Soho House experience. Creative director Alex Eagle has curated a selection that will make every urban dweller’s heart…

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Clärchens Ballhaus

Make friends in Europe’s oldest ballroom parlour. Here besides the dancing you can enjoy a pizza or something from their German menu. Afterwards wonder into a Waltz, if its the weekend, Tango on Tuesday’s or Swing on Wednesday’s. In the…

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Trattoria a‘ Muntagnola

Complimenti! So it’s possible. Muntagnola is so far the only Italian restaurant we know in Berlin where you can eat like you’re sitting in a mountain village in southern Italy. The simple, aromatic cuisine of the restaurant is thanks to…

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