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There are many hotels, there are many restaurants, but there is only one Ual Öömrang Wiartshüs. Here traditional inn style is lived with excellence. The rustic peace house under reed is surrounded by a wonderful garden, directly at the beautiful marsh landscape of Orted Norddorf. In addition to the cosy and rustic-typical rooms and apartments for overnight stays, the Ual Öömrang Wiartshüs – as the name suggests – also has an inn. Here you feel as if you are entering a genuine Amrum captain’s room. A rustic Friesian-style inn with delicious home-style cooking – the meat comes from Amrum’s farmers, the haddock with mashed potatoes and truffles is legendary and every Friday there is granny’s fish pan.


Bräätlun 4

25946 Norddorf- Hallig - Amrum

phone: +49 4682 836


price: double from 100 €

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