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Vini Divini

The Apéro Bar Vini Divini is tiny and simply wonderful. Even when sitting shoulder to shoulder there is just enough space to accommodate 20 people. The nicest seats are by far those directly at the bar because directly behind the…

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Viva M‘Boma

When it was starting up, Katia Rubens’s restaurant was only open on Thursdays. Ingredients from the best slaughterhouses and specialty food stores in the country for her cuisine focusing on offal of all sorts, were too expensive, her mother’s and…

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Pierre Marcolini

The uncontested champion of the art of chocolate alone is worth a visit. Here is his main shop where you will find products making you immediately addicted and putting everything else in the shade. Try the chocolate nuts, the dark…

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La Gazzetta

La Gazzetta is the little sister of the famous Café al Dente and follows the same recipe for success: sublime coffee, fresh pasta, and other Italtalian delicacies served from morning to night. Even if it weren’t for the delicious food,…

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