Venice / Night / Bars / El Sbarlefo San Pantalon

Calle S. Pantalon, 3757
Venice, Dorsoduro
daily 10.00 am -12.00 pm
phone: +39 041 524 6650

The best time of the day in Italy is the time for Aperitivo. After work and before dinner with the family, Italians meet to have a glass of wine and something small to eat – the so-called Aperitivo. In Venice, these small treats are called “Chicchetti” and El Sbarlefo serves the best – such as Pancetta al Pepe, Involtini or Burrata pugliese. It is no wonder that the bar is crowded every night. If you cannot get a space at the bar anymore, you can enjoy your wine and Chicchetti standing outside – together with the locals.


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Nancy Bachmann

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