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Did you enjoy our brief portrait of Hamburg at the front of this issue of SWISS Magazine? Then why not go and check the place out for yourself, even for just a weekend? But to make your stay even better, be sure to take along not just our own City guide but also the handy “Ein perfektes Wochenende in Hamburg” (English version currently in preparation), which features both the classic sights and the insider tips of this “Gateway to the North”.

SWISS Magazine July/August 2014 | Short Break Hamburg

Individual design and good usability – are there any mobile city guides that combine both? We tested apps for Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona and Singapur. The essence: The latest app released is Travel Smart by Berlin publisher Smart Travelling known for its city travel guide series “A perfect weekend in…” published in Süddeutsche Zeitung Edition. […] It looks good and is easy to use […].

Result: Travel Smart convinces with its strong content, good usability and up-to-date and individual insider tips.

PAGE 11.2011 | Travel Apps: Off with the app

The authors of „A perfect weekend in … Istanbul”, on the other hand, present a radically subjective selection of sights and experiences. The travel guide refuses the use of pictures loaded with historical ballast, focuses on the touristic disciplines food and shopping and does not fuss about marginalities. […]

Profil March 2010 | Austria’s independent news magazine, recommended reading Sweet Melancholy, publications on Istanbul

Smart Travelling’s shop in Berlin mirrors the brands aesthetic standard just like its book series “A perfect weekend in…” that offers a handpicked selection of information.

PAGE 01.2009 | Flashpacker and Globespotter

Smart Travelling Store… Europe’s first shop offering lovely city trip items. Offers great online tips for trips in all big cities.

Maxi February 2008 | What’s hip in … Berlin

The series „A perfect weekend in …“ by Nicola Bramigk and Nancy Bachmann is a true revelation […] The small books are not only convenient and their presentation appealing – what is even more important: the tips (and the book on Barcelona is packed with them) are like recommendations made by a friend: No rip-offs, no disappointments.

WELT ONLINE 10.26.2007 | These Barcelona travel guides are worth buying

The website offers good tips for short city trips from Paris to Prague in an unconventional style: It recommends eating sugar cookies in Copenhagen, getting greasy fingers eating fish & chips in Dublin or staying at a city palace in Lisbon. Four tips per city are for free, detailed information on all 26 cities cost 19€ per year. Having subscribed you receive recommendations on cultural events, shops, flea markets or jogging routes.

DIE PRESSE 10.17.2007 | Web tip: Travelling without the butcher

“Every city has its own feeling,” says Nicola Bramigk. “And it probably takes two or three visits to truly capture that feeling.” […] The Berliner launched an electronic notebook called together with her partner Nancy Bachmann. Together they fill the appealing and simple website with information. For a 19€ subscription per year, it offers access to addresses from 26 European cities, that have been chosen subjectively but are not elitist (this is a feature that distinguishes Smart Travelling pleasantly from specialized travel guides like “Wallpaper” or “Louis Vuitton City Guides”).

BRAND EINS 10/2007 | What do you think about this? Smart Travelling – the smart online guide

72 perfect hours: Berlin concept store Smart Travelling and Süddeutsche Zeitung have recently started to publish a new travel guide edition. “A perfect weekend in…” offers insider tips on 120 pages. Insider tips, interviews, portrays and recipes.

LUFTHANSA woman’s world 03/2007 | Have you heard? Travel news

Scout and treasure hunter Nicola Bramigk, the inventor of online city guide travels to make travelling more comfortable for others.

AMICA Nov 2006 | Here and there. London, Paris, Moscow… What is it like to live on the go?

As fashion designer Nicola Bramigk travels a lot, she launched a website with city tips for individual travelers two years ago. Now she opened the corresponding shop located in a typical, spacious Berlin rear building. It offers clothing, luggage, selected specialities and objects of desire like Muji sleeping masks or Bensimon address books.

MAX 2/2005 | Max City Guide Berlin

Another Berlinian wunderkammer: fashion designer Nicola Bramigk’s Smart Travelling Store. In it she combines her passions for travel and collecting. She sells objects, clothes, books and foodstuffs that she’s brought back from 19 European countries, a collection of products also featured in her on-line shop. […] The Store has become a three-dimensional guidebook full of souvenirs that you like to buy as gifts for yourself. […]

FRAME | “Smart-Travelling Store“| Sep/Oct 2004 […]

[Smart Travelling’s] insider tips for hotels, shops, restaurants and bars read like recommendations made by a good friend. The corresponding shop offers the missing travel accessories. […]

LUFTHANSA MAGAZIN | “Smart travelling“| 9/2004

“Every city leaves a specific feeling in your stomach when you think about it. Memories of places, encounters or maybe a special meal.” Nicola Bramigk wants to evoke this specific feeling in her clients. On, she tells you where to find the best Pasta Vongole in a blind alley behind the railway tracks or where an old wooden bath turns into a barefoot bar in the evenings. […]

DIE WELT | “Valuable online tips“| 07.16.2004 […]

An online service offering hand-picked insider tips for city enthusiasts who are not easily deceived on their constant search for new things with a feeling for the perfect atmosphere. […]

MADAME | September 2003 […]

Is there anything more unsatisfying than walking through a famous big European city and not knowing your way? With their exclusive online city guide, Smart Travelling wants to put an end to this dilemma and offers surprising tips for travelers in Europe. […]

QVEST | „To find something, nobody knows“| Fall 2003