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The Hotel Inselloft resides on Norderney, only 100 metres from the flood barrier, in four historic merchants’ villas – including a fireplace lounge and sea view sauna. But the best thing about the chic hostel: the rooms with designer furniture from Hay to Missoni are a match for the spectacular location of the hotel. The in-house restaurant “Esszimmer” is a great place to eat, but those who like to cook for themselves or stay longer can do so as well thanks to the kitchenettes in the loft. After the mudflat walks, by the way, you can look forward to the cosy “living room” of the island lofts – here a crackling fireplace, tea and cake await you.


Damenpfad 37-40

26548 Norderney- Ostfrieseninsel - Norderney

phone: +49 4932 893800


price: double from 200 €

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