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Renè Sindley, Danish entrepreneur and co-founder of jewelry brand Pandora has great plans for the Juice Market. He has already opened six Dr. Smood Stores in New York – now followed up by stores in Miami. As if the city didn’t already have enough juice bars. However, Dr. Smood’s new approach is convincing and it also brings a certain something to Miami’s juice scene. Organic cold-pressed juices, vegan sandwiches, power salads and healthy, sweet delicacies are just part of what Dr. Smood’s locations in Wynwood and South Miami have to offer. Their atmosphere is so cool that it is also a perfect environment to skim through magazines or swap the latest gossip with a friend. The best of all is that all their products, whether juices or snacks, come with a label that tells you exactly which benefits you will gain from it, whether it’s good for your energy, beauty or immune system. It seems as if each of Dr. Smood’s juices & snacks holds healing powers.


2230 NW 2nd Ave

FL 33127 Miami- Wynwood

phone: +1 (786) 334-4420


cuisine: juices, smoothies, organic food

daily 8.00 am - 8.00 pm

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